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Way back in 1921 a small band of motorcycle enthusiasts used to gather in the yard of Mullards the Builders in Witley.


Without doubt, the friendship, the conversation and banter would have been much the same as when motorcyclists get together today. Numbers slowly increased and a club was formed.


By now, many wanted to take part in the Trials and Hill Climbs which were becoming very popular at the time, so the decision was made in 1924 to affiliate to the Auto Cycle Union, and be officially recognised as a Motorcycle Club.


As the number of clubs affiliated to the ACU grew, it was decided to break them down into regions, each region forming itself into a ‘Centre’. The region consisting of Kent, Surrey and Sussex, together with the southern half of London, became the South East Centre and has remained so until this day.


It was in 1926 that the Witley Club became affiliated to the ACU South East Centre. Witley MCC has always played a major role, not only in our contribution to the management of the Centre, especially in the early days, but also in the quality of the events we have run and the competitors we have produced. 

With the Club's Centenary year in view, we would like to gather more information and images as we put together a suitable record of the past 100 years.

Our 75-year history book, expertly compiled by John Bramall, details much of what happened within Witley MCC up to 1999, so we would be particularly interested to hear from you if you can help with memories from the past 20 years or so.

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