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Please note that the 2024 Wallop Enduro will still take place on 12th May as advertised, but will be run by another SEEC Club.

This allows us to enhance the Championship with a new round and avoid points scoring issues.


Witley members can compete in the event or even help if they wish!



Sunday 14th May:

The Wallop Enduro

PDF results

Congratulations to Bradley King who WINS the third Wallop Enduro at the magnificent Farleigh Wallop Estate.

The stage was set and summer well and truly kicked into life after the recent rain to give riders a fantastic opportunity to enjoy this showcase event in fabulous weather.

Clocking up over 6h30m in the saddle, and 46 mins of test times, Brad King in the Championship class powered his Yamaha to victory staying clean on time, ahead of the Fantic of Rich Ely who dropped one minute, and Richard Tucker who dropped two.

In Expert class, Sam Boyd of Yorkshire went clean on time to take the honours, ahead of Steven Cooper who dropped a minute, and Portsmouth MCRC's Harry Neal who dropped two.

The Veteran A class was won by Witley MCC's own Tim Hunt, followed by Damian Whyte who will take the Championship points into the next round.

Clubman A were led home by Zac King, just two minutes off the pace on the time check, but comfortably ahead of both Daniel Sibbick and Harry Hunt who dropped six apiece.

Clubman B riders were up for the day with Taite Elsey coming home first, ahead of Reilly Dennison and Ludo Lucan, all clean on time and just separated by the tests.

Vet B saw Darren Osborne come home clean on time, as did Jez Moss, both ahead of Ian Mace who dropped four minutes on the going.

In Evo class, only Alan Woods’ lone Kawasaki made it to the finish, taking some well deserved points home for the Sidcup club.

Sportsman saw Finlay Taylor win his first timecard enduro, ahead of Lee Williams of Sidcup club and Carl Mexter of Portsmouth club.

Full provisional results can be found at and congratulations to all riders who finished the event.

A huge thank you to our team of volunteers, who spent countless hours at the venue in the days leading up to the event, our Marshalls on the day for keeping things running smoothly, and the whole team at Farleigh Wallop estates for the use once again of this fantastic venue.

Until next time…



By special permission of Lord Lymington, to Witley and District Motor Cycle Club Est.1924.

We are delighted to confirm the 3rd Wallop Enduro will take place on Sunday 14th May 2023, at Farleigh Wallop in Hampshire.


This exclusive venue has become a firm favourite on the regional calendar, and Witley MCC are delighted to have been invited back for a third year.

Clerk of the Course Tristan Robinson and 10x ISDE competitor Assistant Clerk of the Course Robert Carey have plotted a 14 mile lap across 600 acres of mixed woodland, parkland, natural valleys, flinty disused pits, and flowing forest rides. With so much terrain on offer, this event provides some of the most varied enduro going in the South.

This year will feature a brand new Special Test in a new location, plotted by ISDE medal winner Ross Kerr, and expert rider Reece Munn. They’ll be looking to create a fast, flowing, but challenging loop to test competitors technical ability.

Entries for this event will be limited and prioritised for SEEC riders in accordance with the SEEC rules. Witley MCC Club Members are generally expected to assist with organising the event as you do not score points in your own clubs round. There will however be a small number of places available for Witley MCC members in accordance with the SEEC rules.

Note, sound testing will be enforced at this event. This is to protect the future use of the venue. You can download a soundtesting app to your phone to get an indication. The limit as per the ACU handbook is 112dba at the start +2dba during the event.


2022 event:

Saturday 16th April:

The Wallop Enduro

By special permission of Lord Lymington, to Witley and District Motor Cycle Club Est.1924.

The 2nd Wallop Enduro took place on Saturday 16th April, at Farleigh Wallop in Hampshire.

With a 12-15 mile lap plotted across 600 acres of mixed woodland, parkland, natural valleys, flinty disused pits, flowing forest rides, this event was a firm favourite on its debut in 2021.


Aaron Gordon of Normandy MCC takes the overall win, in Championship class ahead of Tom Ellwood who dropped one minute (early!) and Elliot Davies (Normandy) who rode well for a solid third placed finish in Championship. 

In Expert, young John Stanley (Normandy) rode excellently for the win, despite needing a little timecard work! Jack Nixey (Croydon) came home second, then an outstanding ride by experienced veteran Simon Beken (Portsmouth) in third. 

Dave Coles (Kingston) took a convincing win, clean on time in Veteran A, with clear water ahead of Geoff Brigden (Portsmouth) and Robin Scarry (Kingston). 

Gus Oblein (Kingston) took a break from trials to stay clean on time in Clubman A for the win, ahead of George Newton (Portsmouth) and George Beakhouse (Croydon). 

Croydon’s Chris Stanger won Veteran B clean on time, ahead of John Rowley (Portsmouth) and Lee Boulder (Normandy). 

Daniel Sibbick (Normandy) was the best of the Clubman B, before Matt Waterston and Gary Hanson rounded out the top three, both representing Sidcup club. 

Steve Elsey (Kingston) and Alan Woods (Sidcup) powered through for a finish in the Evo class, while unfortunately Colin Fox’s KTM and Matthew Brown's Husqvarna failed to finish the event. 

Fan favourite Colin Cowley (Kingston) managed to avoid the trees to come out top of Sportsman, before Marcus Wildman and Will King of Sidcup finished them off. 

Congratulations to all riders who finished, the times were a little ambitious but we hope you all enjoyed the 2022 Wallop Enduro by Witley MCC. 

Provisional results here with a huge thank you to Manny Bernardez and Paula Tidy,

Please look out for news on Facebook and check back here for the latest developments.



2021 EVENT



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