Saturday 28th August:

Witley Stubble
Practice Day at

Down Farm – Report


Down Farm, Odiham, provided the venue for the now annual Witley stubble day. This year's date was earlier than previous years due to farming crop rotation issues, so we jumped in early rather than lose the event. 

We had just over one hundred riders enter through the ACU system and we also left it open for stragglers to sign up on the day. 

The event course was set out on Friday by five of us and a method previously discussed but not tried was put into action. This was posts and used tyres which worked out reasonably quick and quite effective on the day. 

Event day was warm and dry, this made for a very fast dusty course, we had considered this during set up and placed our base camp upwind. So from our point of view or view point we could see absolutely everything. 

The riders were all happy, lots of great comments, most liked the 500 metre straight with many hooking top gear two-thirds of the way along it. 

The course bedded in well and compared to last year there was very little course to repair throughout the day – so little, in fact, we were able to count, only two tyres knocked off and 8 posts knocked down. We put this down to the fact that many riders would prefer not to hit their handlebar ends on the knobbly tyres suspended at a height carefully calculated for that very reason...

Overall, very little marshalling action was needed, mostly we sat around talking and going out for the occasional lap or two (mostly no more than two, it was far too hot and dusty and there was so much more talking to be done). 

The majority of riders had generally worn themselves out by 2:30-3 so we started the strike down of the course. It probably took an hour, then a further 3/4hr of chat and another successful Witley event day was over.

If we consider that the decision to run the event was made at the beginning of the month and executed near the end, it could easily be described as a “Pop up Event”. All involved put in a great Witley effort and made it a very smooth, easy and enjoyable few days spent with great friends doing the stuff we enjoy. 

Ian George

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