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Sunday 25th October:

Witley Motoduro

Well that’s the inaugural Motoduro done and dusted!


We hope everyone had a great day despite the changeable weather and congratulations to those riders who persevered through the challenging conditions for a finish. 

A huge ‘Thank You’ must go to our fantastic volunteers for their hard work last weekend, throughout the week, this weekend and the cleaning jobs still to do to ensure our kit’s ready for future events. Far too many people to name here but thank you all. Thanks also to Cusses Gorse MX for the hire of their start gates. 

Witley MCC/ Michelin Motoduro


🥇 Tom Ellwood 
🥈 Daryl Bolter 
🥉 Alex Barnes

🥇 Gary McCoy
🥈 Neil Bowker
🥉 Neil Foster

🥇 James O’Mara
🥈 Aaron Barnes
🥉 Reilly Dennison

🥇 Rob Melita
🥈 Stuart Williams
🥉 Mark Paul

👏 A huge thank you must also go to our sponsors, Michelin Motorcycle,,
Cherry Estates Ltd and R Collard. 

🏍 Full Moto Results

with lap times and more at: thanks to ACU Timekeeping

📸 Paul Gray - Captured Light / Richard Coles... 



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Clerk of the Course: Tristan Robinson Deputy CoC: Rob Carey

Secretary: Ross Kerr



The team at Witley and District MCC have worked incredibly hard to continue to bring forward our events in line with guidance from HM Government, local authorities, the police and ACU as per the laws relating to events during the pandemic. 

The below rules are required to ensure the event runs safely and smoothly. We expect all rider’s compliance, and any rider or member of a rider’s entourage not following these rules will result in the rider and entourage being disqualified and sent home. 

• Before arrival, ensure you are fit to attend, are not required to self isolate, are not restricted by travel restrictions, have not knowingly been in contact with anyone with COVID19 in the past 14 days, or have returned from abroad in the last 14 days. 

• A face covering must be worn at all times. The only exceptions are if you are a rider coming to your Moto and are wearing a helmet and goggles, or if you are physically in your own van between Motos, or if you are consuming food from the catering van. 

• The gate opens at 0700 and closes at 0815. You must be on site before 0815. You can only be joined in your van by one person who is your mechanic for the day. Strictly no spectators. 

• Signing on will be in lanes as you drive in. You must stop, show your ID and helmet with ACU Sticker (please have your helmet ready in the front of your van). Once your ID has been confirmed, our team will check you off the riders list and provide your rider number (you must know your number on arrival), and an envelope containing your transponder/ clip. 

• Use of the NHS Track and Trace App is recommended.

• You will park where directed by officials in a socially distanced manner. Your van is your ‘bubble’ for the day. 

• There will be hand wash bays and sanitation facilities at the start for your use and convenience. 

It is your responsibility to fit your number to the front of the motorcycle unaltered. You must also fit your transponder and clip safely to the upper fork leg, with the arrow pointing downwards. It is recommended to tuck it behind the number board for safety. If you lose your transponder mid-event, the organisers accept no responsibility and your result may be affected. 

• It is strictly walking pace in the paddock and helmets must be worn at all times. If riders fail to comply with this rule, riding will be banned in the paddock en-masse and riders will have to push their machine up and down the hill. 

• There will be no ‘sighting lap’. The course will be available to inspect on foot only from 7am. 

• A full riders' briefing will be held via Public Address (PA) system at 0845. This will be able to be heard across the venue, so do not congregate at the start. 

• You should make your way to the holding area 10 minutes before your Moto is due to start and not before. The holding area is a ‘dead engine’ area and machines should not be running. Gate picks will be done by random peg for the first Moto, and by seed subsequently. 

• When instructed by Event Officials, riders will form up on the start line in order according to gate pick where you will be able to warm your engines. The organisers accept no responsibility for ‘missed Motos’ and timekeeping is the riders responsibility. 

• The start will be by gate and class. The primary class will form up on the gate (Expert in Group A, Clubman in Group B), with the secondary class (Veteran in Group A, Sportsman in Group B) waiting in the holding area. Once the primary class departs, the gate will be reset as the secondary class forms up ready to depart. If you attempt to start with the wrong class, you will be disqualified from that Moto. 

• A green flag will be shown 10 seconds before the gate drops. You must wait until the gate drops and it is the riders responsibility to ensure they depart the gate safely. In the case of mass gate failure, the class and/or Moto may be restarted. 

• The Cherry Estates Ltd Holeshot Prize is available for select Motos as per the event schedule. The decision of the Holeshot Judge is final. 

• You must respect the marked course. A first minor infraction will result in a time penalty, the second will result in disqualification from the Moto. A major infraction will result in immediate disqualification from the Moto. 

• Marshalls around the course will have yellow flags on corners which will be shown in the case of hazards. You should take care if the yellow flags are shown. 

• The Chequered Flag will be shown at 30 minutes to signify the end of the Moto. There is no ‘last lap’ flag and it is the riders responsibility to time themselves if desired. 

• If a Red Flag is shown, the Moto has ended due to unforeseen circumstances. You must stop immediately, and report back to the holding area, turn off your engine and await further instruction. 

At the end of your Moto, you must not congregate at the finish. You will go straight back to your van and prepare for your next Moto. 

• You must use an Environmental Mat when refuelling. The mat should be rubber backed, and at least the length of the motorcycle and width of the handlebars as per ACU regulations. 

• The Clerk of the Course reserves the right to exclude excessively noisy machines. Baffles must be fitted and machines should not exceed the ACU limit of 112 dBA. 

• Lights are not required and the fitting of a front number board excluding a light is recommended. 

• Tear-off goggles are not permitted. Roll off type goggles are recommended. 

• The Clerk of the Course reserves the right to revise the Event Schedule at his sole discretion. This may be due to bad weather, a medical incident or force majeure.

• There are no tyre restrictions, Michelin MX or Enduro pattern recommended. 

• Under no circumstances should you mix in groups of more than six. 

• Live timing and results will be available throughout the day courtesy of ACU Events via the Speedhive App which can be downloaded at No challenges can be made to the official timekeeping and pit records will not be accepted. 

• Points are awarded in each class as follows 25 – 1st, 22 – 2nd, 20 – 3rd, 18 – 4th, 16 – 5th, then decreasing by 1 point to 20th place. The points will be amalgamated from all four Motos to give a final result. 

• The podium presentation will take place at the end of the day with trophies for 1st-3rd in each class. Prizes include a Michelin Rear Tyre from / Michelin for each class winner, with a limited edition reflective beanie for second and third places plus the Cherry Estates Holeshot Prize. Prizes will be presented by the Club Chairman. Masks must be worn on the podium and photos will be taken. 

• All prizes are only available if riders attend the presentation. Failure to attend will result in forfeiture of your prize, which shall be sold/ donated to the ACU Benevolent Fund. 

• At the end of the event, or in the case of retirement, transponders and clips must be returned. Failure to return will result in a stop being placed on your ACU Competition Licence and an invoice issued for £250. 

• Medical services are provided by MTCS UK. There will be one 4x4 ambulance and one road-going ambulance at the event with a paramedic. All accidents must be reported to the Secretary of the Meeting. 

• Catering will be provided by Calvert’s Deluxe Caterers. You must queue at socially distant intervals. 

• Photography will be by Paul Gray (Captured Light) and Andy Withers (AWSportsPhoto). 

• You must take all litter home with you and leave the working farm clean and tidy. 

• The decisions of the Clerk of the Course and his team are final. Any abuse of officials will not be tolerated and the Clerk of the Course reserves the right to issue penalties including but not limited to the following: a place penalty, a time penalty, disqualification from a Moto, disqualification from the event, a fine of up to £500. The Clerk of the Course also reserves the right to refer a rider to a higher court at ACU with a recommendation for a further penalty to be issued. 

• Our continued thanks to Down Farm for their use of the venue. 

• Thank you for your co-operation.

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