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LDT 2023

Sunday 15th October:

Witley 100 Long Distance Trial

The Results!

Congratulations to Colin Allsop (Enduro), James Coker (BigBike +650cc) Colin Beasley (Pre-65), and Geoff Muston (Trail) on their respective class wins.

Please follow this link to the full Provisional Results...

Any enquiries to the Secretary of the Meeting.

Thanks again to our organising team: Ian George, Gordon Kerr, Roger Brown, Rob Carey, Tristan Robinson, Nick Robinson, Dave Mair, Barry Brockman, Aaron Dibnah, Elliot Beken, Dan Ferguson, Kier Tett, Justin Nel, Terry Tidbury, Paul Jay, Simon Hodgson, Andy Hewett, Laurie Richards, Gordon Ayshford, Dave Kavanagh, Ian Hayward and Adam Pearson.


We look forward to seeing you all again next October!

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