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Sunday 20th November


What a day! A fantastic turnout at the 80th Southern Experts trial made for a truly spectacular day for all involved. The south's top trials riders were presented with four laps of ten challenging but enjoyable sections.

After setting out in the dry, a monsoon hit at 5.00am, necessitating a few last minute changes to the sections before the riders started. As the day wore on, the slippery surface gave way to a more grippy layer, giving all riders a better chance to keep their feet up.

Billy Green (18ml) was the Overall Victor on the 'Southern Expert' route, with Jack Dance (26ml) second and Chris Stay in third (28ml).

In the Clubman Experts, Ashley Newbery topped the table with 25ml, Ben Skinner (40ml) came second and Jamie Berry (43ml) in third.


For the Veterans, Chris Koch came away with the win, ahead of Stuart Robinson and Jason Pearce.

For the Youth riders, it was Daniel DaBreo who took the top step with 71ml, with Thomas Packham on 95ml, just one mark ahead of Jake Bush with 96ml.

A huge thank you to our organising team at Witley MCC, our helpers from Hookwoods Trials Club and Twickenham Motorcycle Club: Tristan Robinson, Ian George, Gordon Kerr, Colin Boniface, David Kavanagh, Rob Batten, Holly Batten, Luke Batten, Simon Hodgson, Paul Burnett, Harriet Burnett, Aaron Dibnah, Richard Bulmer, Ian Hayward, Gerald Hiscock, Nick Robinson, Graham Crone, plus Joanna and her team of results ladies!




Courtesy of Nigel McGoldrick

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