Sunday 25th April:

The Wallop Enduro

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By special permission of His Lordship Viscount Lymington to Witley and District Motor Cycle Club...

Supported by Michelin/ EnduroTyres.


The entries for this brand new event on Sunday 25th April 2021, will open at 0800 on Monday 29th March at www.ride-acu.uk

With entries limited to 80, priority will be given to SEEC regular riders as this will be Round One of the 2021 SEEC Championship. To secure an entry, you must enter as soon as entries open. Your entry will be held in the system until the event is full (150 entrants).


A blind ballot will then take place with SEEC regulars given first refusal (defined as point scoring in the SEEC over the past three years).


The successful 80 riders will then be approved, and unsuccessful riders refunded, or placed on the reserve list. No late entries will be accepted and the organisers decision on acceptance or refusal of entry is final.


We trust riders will appreciate the difficult situation the current circumstances place us in.

Don’t forget to set your alarms for 0800 on Monday 29th March and enter at www.ride-acu.uk

Michelin Motorcycle Endurotyres.com

Clerk of the Course: Tristan Robinson

Special Test Prize –
Alldred Construction Test


Thanks to our sponsor Alldred Construction Ltd, a new prize of £50 will be awarded for the best special test time in each competitive class (at least five entries)! 

The Alldred family will create a flowing but challenging test using the best natural terrain on offer, including bombholes, natural valleys and loamy forest going. 

Let’s see who’s been in the gym during off-season!



SEEC Calendar 2021

SEEC Timecard
Witley MCC - 25th April - Farleigh Wallop
Portsmouth MCC - 11th July - Rowlands Castle
Sidcup MCC - 5th September - Canada Heights
Croydon MCC - 12th September - West Harting Down
Normandy MCC - 10th October - Yateley Heath

SEEC Hare and Hounds
Sidcup MCC - 2nd May - Canada Heights
Portsmouth MCC - 9th May - Rowlands Castle
Normandy MCC - 13th June - Cannons Hill Raceway
Kingston MCC - 19th September - Iron Hill
Croydon MCC - 17th October - Yateley Heath
Witley MCC - 24th October - Down Farm