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Dear Members,

This year we have a number of exciting events planned. We will need as much help with setting up and running these as possible.

If you think you might be able to help at any of them please let us know; we have created a WhatsApp group to coordinate volunteers.

This is in no way a commitment to any specific event, just an expression of interest.

For Enduro events, under the new SEEC rules, 10% of the hosting club’s members will be entitled to ride their own events. Priority will be given to those members who have been able to help with set up etc.

For trials events, you will be able to bring your bike along to set up days and have the opportunity to do some riding/ practicing when the course is set out.

These set up days are not meant to be just about grafting! We are hoping to make them a fun day out.
We normally start the day by meeting at a café for a balanced and nutritious breakfast on the Club.


We will also endeavour to have refreshments available during the day as well, BBQ or sandwiches etc.

Thanks in advance,
The Committee

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